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New affiliation guidelines for India

New restrictions in India

If you promote Royal Panda to Indian players, there’s some important information that you need to be aware of. From immediate effect, new guidelines are in place which restrict the way you can market Royal Panda to your Indian players.

New Indian affiliate guidelines

Royal Panda must be referred to as an “international” operator at all times with no suggestion that our casino services are specific to India.

Similarly, phrases such as “Royal Panda welcomes Indian players” “Royal Panda accepts deposits from India players in rupees”, should be amended to clarify that we are also an “international” operator.

Finally, any statements made about the legality of online gambling in India are not allowed. For example, stating that “Online gambling is legal in India hence Royal Panda is safe to play”.

Examples of how to rephrase content

It’s important to note that you do not need to remove mentions of “India” within your content, or the fact that Royal Panda operates in India. You may just need to rephrase it to let your players know that we operate “internationally”.

Example 1: “Royal Panda welcomes Indian players” could be amended to “Royal Panda (operating in several global markets) welcomes Indian players”.

Example 2: “Royal Panda accepts deposits from Indian players in rupees” could be changed to “Royal Panda accepts deposits from Indian players in rupees, in addition to other international currencies”.

Example 3: “Royal Panda accepts India players” could be amended to “As well as operating in many different countries, Royal Panda accepts India players”.

You could also make it clear in your content that Royal Panda operates internationally by using a phrase, such as ‘’Royal Panda is a world-renowned online casino’’, ‘’Royal Panda operates globally’’, or Royal Panda is an international casino’’ so that your players know that we aren’t just restricted to India.

Need help?

In order to be compliant, please review your websites where India is specifically mentioned and make the required changes. We appreciate that you may have questions about exactly what you should change on your websites and we’re here to support you. Please contact us if you need any assistance.