• 50% for the first 2 months
    • No negative carryover
    • Fast payments
    • Lifetime revenues


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Earn 50% commission with 
no negative carryover.

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About RP Affiliates

Why should I become an RP affiliate?

At RP Affiliates, we know that respect, trust and confidence are key in any good affiliate-casino relationship. We know you want a casino partner that will treat you with respect and that values the traffic you generate for it. We know that you want a partner you can trust to give you a fair rate of commission, paid on-time and hassle-free. And we know that ultimately, you want an honest, interesting casino you can feel confident in recommending to your players.

At RP Affiliates, we feel we can offer you all of these things, and more:

  • Competitive rates of commission
  • Regular payments
  • No negative carryover
  • No predatory policies or nasty, hidden terms

What is an online casino affiliate program?

An online casino affiliate program gives website owners the opportunity to earn money by promoting an online casino through their website. Usually this is commission-based, with the affiliate receiving a slice of the revenue generated by players they have successfully referred (i.e. those who sign up and make a deposit) to the online casino.

How do I join?

Joining RP Affiliates is easy:

  • Fill out the application form under ‘Join now’ and hit the submit button.
  • We’ll send you an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click the link to confirm your account.
  • Once confirmed, you’ll be able to access your RP Affiliate account and start earning money immediately.  

Didn’t receive the e-mail? Don’t forget to check your spam folder.

How does the affiliate program work?

RP Affiliates’ program couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Submit the online application form and confirm your account using the link we'll send you by email
  2. log into your affiliate account to access your marketing material
  3. Promote Royal Panda on your website(s)
  4. Earn commission on every new depositing player you send our way
  5. Receive your commission monthly

And remember, it’s free to join. We’ll make sure you have all the support and materials you need to get started!


So, how do I earn money?

Earning money with RP Affiliates couldn’t be easier:

  1. Join RP Affiliates
  2. Log into your affiliate account to access your marketing material
  3. Promote Royal Panda on your website(s)
  4. Earn commission on each new depositing player you send our way

At the end of each month, we’ll tally up the net gaming revenue your players have generated that month, and calculate your share from there.

What is the minimum amount needed to request a payment?

Regardless of how much you’re earning, we know how important flexibility of payments is. Therefore, our minimum payment threshold is low: the minimum amount required to request a withdrawal is €100. 

What will my revenue share be?

To give you the best possible start with us, we’ll give you a 50% commission rate for the first two months. That’s right: we’ll give you half the net gaming revenue for your players during that time. After that, we’ll move you onto one of our competitive affiliate commission rates, based on your earnings and the amount of new players you bring in each month.

Can I get on a CPA plan?

RP Affiliates offers tailored CPA plans based on an affiliate's individual circumstances. Need more information? Contact us to discuss it in more detail with one of our affiliate managers. 

What happens if I’ve make a loss?

Don’t sweat it. Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t burden you with negative carryover. So if you end up with a negative balance at the end of one month, we’ll reset it to zero at the beginning of the next one. Simple and profitable.

How long will I earn commission on my players for?

Simply put, for life. And unlike some of our competitors, we really do mean that. As an RP affiliate, you’ll earn commission on all of your players for the lifetime of your agreement with us. It doesn’t matter if your players stick around for a week or a century – as long as they’re actively depositing and playing, you’ll continue to receive your cut of the proceeds, guaranteed. All you have to do is count your money, and remain an RP affiliate. 


Which payment methods are available?

To make receiving money as easy as possible, RP Affiliates offers its affiliates a variety of popular, reliable payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)

How will I be paid?

Fill in the payment information in your RP affiliate account and we’ll do the rest.

To make receiving money as easy as possible, RP Affiliates offers its affiliates a variety of popular, reliable payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)

When will I be paid?

RP Affiliates transfers your commission via your requested payment method between 15 and 20 days after the end of the month in which the commission was earned, or the withdrawal threshold reached.  The minimum payout is €100, and the amount is transferred to the next month if the threshold isn’t met. 

Tracking and reporting

How does RP Affiliates track my players?

We use cookies to track referred players. So basically, whenever anyone clicks on a link or a banner which has your tracking code embedded in it, our system will be sure to note it when they arrive on RoyalPanda.com. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll be registered as your player. The player will remain yours forever. 

How do I create a new tracker?

Creating a new tracker couldn’t be easier:

  • Log into your affiliate account
  • Expand the ‘My Account' menu
  • Click ‘Marketing Sources’
  • Click the ‘Add’ button
  • Fill in the details on how the tracker will be used
  • Click 'Confirm'
  • Click 'Save', and you have your new tracker

In our media gallery you can browse your available marketing material, add your tracker(s), and start promoting Royal Panda.

How do I view my reports?

Accessing your reports is quick and simple:

  • Log into the affiliate system
  • Select ‘Reports’ in the top menu structure
  • Select the report you want to view

How often is my account data updated?

We know there are times when you’ll want to quickly be able to see how things are going at a glance, so we make every effort to ensure up-to-date information is available at a moment’s notice. Data such as views and clicks is available in near-real time, while other stats – including your new depositing players and net revenue share – are updated daily.  

What if I have multiple websites?

The more sites, the merrier! Just log into your affiliate account and add them:

  • Expand the ‘My Account’ menu
  • Click ‘Marketing sources’
  • Click the 'Add' button
  • Fill out the form for each site
  • Get a tracking code for each site
  • Post up links and ads
  • Start earning money

By creating multiple marketing sources for each website, you’ll even be able to track the performance of each or your websites by looking at its own unique tracking code. The same can be done for different sub-pages on one site as well.


Whoops! I’ve forgotten my login details.

  • Click 'Forgot password' below the login bar below the menu
  • Fill in your username and email
  • We'll send you a password reset link by email.

Or alternatively, contact our affiliate management team, and we’ll reset it for you.

How do I update my RP Affiliates account information?

Simply log into your account, expand the ‘My Account’ menu, click 'Account Details'. Click the 'Edit' button, enter the details you wish to change, then click the 'Confirm' followed by the 'Save' button.

I’ve just created an account, when will it be approved?

Easy. If you've submitted your application, simply click the link in the email we've sent you to activate your account. Once you've done that, you're a fully-fledged affiliate. Didn't receive the email containing the link? Check your spam folder, or contact our affiliate management team


What is a sub-affiliate?

Quite simply, a sub-affiliate is a person or company that becomes an affiliate of RP Affiliates after being referred to us by you. And because of that, you’re entitled to a cut of the revenue your sub-affiliates generate. There are a few restrictions, such as us being unable to accept applications from websites that use spam. Check out the terms and conditions for more information. 

How do I refer sub-affiliates to RP Affiliates?

Referring sub-affiliates is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your affiliate account
  • Expand the ‘My Account’ menu
  • Click on 'Summary'
  • Locate and copy your unique sub-affiliate link

Send the link to the person or company you’d like to recruit, and once they sign up, our system will record them as your sub-affiliate.

Alternatively, you can promote RP Affiliates on one of your websites.

What rate of commission will I receive from my sub-affiliates?

Once you’ve successfully referred a sub-affiliate to us, you'll receive a fixed sum that’s equivalent to 10% of your sub-affiliate’s earnings for as long as you both remain RP affiliates. Just sit back, relax and earn.

What if my sub-affiliate is making a loss?

Don’t worry, if your sub-affiliate makes a loss in a particular month, you yourself won’t lose money. And as soon as they start making a profit again, you'll get your cut. Your sub-affiliate gets the same sweet ‘no-negative carryover’ deal as you. So the chances are high that next month will be better.

Can I view my sub-affiliates incomes separately from my regular income?

Absolutely. To view your sub-affiliate revenue:

  • Log into your affiliate account
  • Expand the ‘Reports’ menu
  • Expand the ‘Earnings reports’ submenu
  • Click ‘Sub-affiliates’
  • Enter the range of dates you want to look at
  • Click the ‘Search' button
Marketing and promotional material

What marketing material will be available to me?

Simply log in and you’ll find a selection of RP Affiliates assets ready for use. These include:

  • Flash and GIF banners
  • Text links, including deep-links to popular sections

 Don’t forget though: if you embed an advert or an outgoing link, always use your tracking code.

Those materials will all be under copyright though, yeah?

Yes, you’ll be using such material under our copyright. You’re free to use them to promote Royal Panda on your website as long as you comply with out terms and conditions.

If you have any doubts about copyright and using our materials, don’t hesitate to contact our affiliate management team

I need something specific but I can’t find it in the stock material. Can you help?

We’re always happy to help our affiliates out. Just send your affiliate manager an email and we’ll look into it.

I’ve got a cool idea for a way to promote Royal Panda on my site. Interested?

RP Affiliates is always interested in promoting Royal Panda in interesting and innovative ways, so if you have a unique idea, let us know. We can’t promise we’ll go for it, but we’re always happy to help if we can.