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    • No negative carryover
    • Fast payments
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no negative carryover.

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RP Affiliates commission plan

Here at RP Affiliates, we have a very straightforward philosophy when it comes to revenue share agreements: that lifetime deals really should be for life. So when you become an RP affiliate, we’ll ensure that you’ll get your fair share of the revenue from every player you refer to us, for life. It really is that simple.

RP Affiliates lifetime commission plan

Net revenue/month casino Maximum referral commission
First two months 50%
€0 - €5,000 35% (25% + 10% bonus)
€5,001 - €10,000 40% (30% + 10% bonus)
€10,001 - €30,000 45% (35% + 10% bonus)
€30,000 + 50% (40% + 10% bonus)
New depositing players bonus casino Bonus commission
10 - 24 5%
25 - 49 7.5%
50+ 10%
Net revenue/month sports Maximum referral commission
First two months 50%
€0 - €1,000,000 25%

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You’ll find no misleading disclaimers or sneaky clauses lurking in our affiliate agreement. When one of your referred players makes a deposit, we’ll make sure you get your fair cut of the proceeds.

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No negative carryover

In this line of business, it’s a well-known fact of life that Lady Luck isn’t going to be smiling on you all of the time. But while it’s inevitable that some months will be better than others, RP Affiliates’ no-negative-carryover policy is on hand to ensure that one bad month won’t impact your earnings after that.

Simply put, if you end up with a negative balance one month, we’ll simply reset your balance to zero at the start of the following month. That way you can get back to making money as quickly as possible. This way you'll start each month free from the burden of having to pay off an existing negative balance, and ready to profit from any losses last month’s big winner may generate.

Still have questions?

Our FAQ is packed with useful information about RP Affiliates, and our affiliate team is always happy to help. Just contact us if you need assistance.

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